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We are positioned to work with scientists, academia, governments, and the public. The contacts, resources, and influence of our members give us greater impact than other organizations of similar size. 

Join The International SeaKeepers Society's membership of entrepreneurs, yachtsmen, corporations, scientists, and concerned citizens in building the global effort to protect and restore the world's oceans.  During this critical period of escalating concern for the health of the seas and diminishing research budgets, the Scientific Vessel of Opportunity Program will provide scientists with the vital platforms they need to conduct their research. As an added benefit, Yacht owners, crews and guests will have the exceptional opportunity to engage with scientists on unique and fascinating research missions specifically developed for their suitability aboard a yacht.

Consider joining as a Founder, Admiral, or other leadership level.  We appreciate any financial support - every contribution makes an impact.  Our tiered structure of membership and support starts with donations as small as $50 and goes up to memberships of over $250,000.  Anyone who cares about the preservation of our oceans can make a contribution and be a significant part of the Society and help us "protect and restore".  Individuals and corporations who support the scientific work, educational outreach programs, and leadership of the Society, are encouraged to contribute to the advancement of our important mission by joining as an Elite Member by donating $25,000+.  Our small staff is very streamlined and we maintain an annual budget for administration, fund-raising, and the development and support of our ocean monitoring, preservation, and restoration initiatives.

SeaKeepers Professional ($50+)

SeaKeepers Professionals were formed by off-shore captains and crew as well as on-shore professionals across all industries.  We provide networking opportunities to study the best ways to protect and restore our oceans.  Professionals are critically important as the eyes and ears of our mission.

Learn more about SeaKeepers Professionals 

Friend of SeaKeepers ($2,500+)

Friends of SeaKeepers are individuals who annually support our international effort to restore and protect the world's oceans.  Friends not only help financially, but through referrals and other resources.

Yacht Industry Partner ($10,000+)

On an invitation only basis, the Society has opened its membership to the leading builders and suppliers for the yachting industry.  Yacht Industry Partners may elect to contribute the donation over time and will be recognized at SeaKeeper Events, with our media partners, with our members, and with our social media.  Partners also agree to assist in recruiting for SeaKeepers and developing intimate fund-raising events.

Founding Member ($50,000+)

Founding Members enjoy a great sense of purpose and fellowship by joining other international leaders in directly providing the resources needed to continue our global effort in preserving and restoring the health of the world's oceans.  Sustaining annual contributions allow the Society to maintain our commitment on an on-going basis.

 Founders are listed on our letterhead and receive priority at all SeaKeeper Events.

Admiral's Club ($250,000+)

Admiral's Club members are part of an elite group recognized as our most generous benefactors.  The Society is open to catering ocean monitoring, preservation, and restoration initiatives to the desires of individual Admiral Club members.  Again, sustaining annual donations allow the society to maintain it's commitments.  Admiral Club members are individually recognized and invited to exclusive social and scientific functions.

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