Bermuda 2017

Throughout its existence SeaKeepers has made it a practice to honor and promote those key decision makers and influencers who have made extraordinary commitments to preserving our planet’s oceans. An exclusive gathering of yacht owners will come together to recognize the SeaKeeper of the World and SeaKeepers of Bermuda against the electrifying backdrop of the America’s Cup celebrations. The evening will also highlight the work of the International SeaKeepers Society in partnership with the yachting community through the DISCOVERY Yachts Program.

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SeaKeepers of Bermuda

The SeaKeepers of the World Program identifies individuals who demonstrate a commitment to ocean research and conservation in their local communities. SeaKeepers is delighted to recognize the efforts of Philippe Max Rouja, Judy Clee, Chris Flook, and John Paul Skinner as SeaKeepers of Bermuda.

Featured SeaKeeper of Bermuda:
Philippe Max Rouja

Rouja is a cultural and medical anthropologist specializing in maritime communities, currently focusing his research on Polynesia, Australia, Bermuda and the Arctic. He is the Principal Scientist of Marine Heritage and Ocean Human Health at the Department of Conservation Services, where he oversees public health studies related to the use of marine resources in Bermuda and serves as Custodian of Historic Wrecks.

Event Details

The International SeaKeepers Society

Recognition of The SeaKeepers of Bermuda
2017 DISCOVERY Yacht Programming Highlights

Honoring the 2017 SeaKeeper of the Year
Wendy Schmidt

Recognizing the SeaKeepers of Bermuda
Philippe Max Rouja│Judy Clee│John Paul Skinner│Chris Flook

Stefano Tositti │ CEO BWA Yachting

Reception Sponsor
Caroline Bay, Bermuda

Thursday, June 22nd
7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI)
Harbourfront Restaurant
Crow Lane, Hamilton, Bermuda

EVENT INFORMATION | 305.448.7089

Formal Cocktail Attire


Alegria │ Amevi │ Asean Lady │ BG3 │ Copasetic │ Defiance │ E Cruz
Evviva  Explorer │ Final Final │ Forget About It │ Fugitive │ Insetta │ Julia
Lady Jo │ LoJo │Lady Kathryn V │ Meduse │ Miss Phebe │ Morning Glory
MV Explorer │Mystique │ Niyama │ Noble House │ Novurania
Octopus │ P2 │ Penny Mae │ Qing │ Reel Buzz │ Shredder
Silver Cloud │ Timely Sale │ Valkyrie │ Vigilante

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2017 SeaKeepers of the Year

Mrs. Wendy Schmidt

Wendy Schmidt established Schmidt Ocean Institute in 2009 with her husband Eric, to provide future opportunities aboard research vessels for urgent ocean studies. Wendy is President of The Schmidt Family Foundation that works to advance the development of clean energy and support the wiser use of natural resources.

She is founder of the Foundation’s 11th Hour Project and of Climate Central.  Her other work, at ReMain Nantucket, focuses on generating a model for smart community downtown development on the island.

She serves on the boards of GRIST, Maiyet, The Nantucket Dreamland Foundation, The Natural Resources Defense Council, The California Academy of Sciences, Climate Central, XPRIZE, The America’s Cup Organizing Committee, and The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

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