Winners of the International Songwriting Competition to Raise Awareness for Ocean Conservation

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  • The International SeaKeepers Society, Asia and Hitmaker Global Academy present the winners of its inaugural “A Song For The Sea” International Songwriting Competition 2020 Season 1 in an Award Ceremony.
  • The Songwriting Competition aims at raising awareness of the plight of our oceans and to bring people together for a greater purpose through well-written songs.

18th March 2022, Singapore – The International SeaKeepers Society Asia, together with Hitmaker Global Academy, is pleased to present the winners of the “A Song For The Sea” International Songwriting Competition (ISWC) 2020 in an Awards Ceremony held at Festive Arts Theatre, Our Tampines Hub.

The Awards Ceremony which has been postponed from 2021, due to the Covid -19 pandemic took place on March 10, 2022. Aimed at generating greater awareness of the plights of our oceans, and to bring people together for a greater purpose through well-written songs encompassing the three key aspects of Education, Social Awareness, and Entertainment: “A Song For The Sea” songwriting competition based on the theme “What a Wonderful World” culminated in the awards ceremony earlier this month.

An illustrious panel of judges in this inaugural competition included industry heavy-weights Mr Jeff Miyahara, Founder and CCO of Hitmaker Global Academy and CEO of J-POP, Mr Eric Wong, Creative Director of United Records Productions (URP), Mr Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore’s jazz extraordinaire and Executive Director of the Jazz Association of Singapore (JASS) and Mr Julian Chang, President of the International SeaKeepers Society, Asia.

The winners of “A Song For The Sea” International Songwriting Competition, 2020 are:

The winners have attended a 3 full-day workshop where they received first-hand experience in the production and mixing process undertaken by the competition’s Production Partners J-POP and United Records. They witnessed the evolution of their winning songs from the song-writing process to the recording and adding of the final touches at the mastering studio into final products, by industry professionals Mr Jeff Miyahara and Mr Eric Wong. They had the pleasure of observing and being part of the recording of their produced songs by professional artistes. These produced songs will be digitally distributed by Hitmaker Records to major international music platforms.

The 2020 ISWC award ceremony presented Singapore’s Pop icons ,singer-songwriter Marcus Lee Jun Wei and Abbey Tan, singing the award-winning songs played by Hitmaker faculty band, with Daryl Tay (Guitar), Colin Yong (Bass), Bryan Lim (Drum), Christine Sham (Piano), Matthew Siew (Piano) as Music Director and Jerry Poh (Music Production, song arrangements and backing tracks).

“A Song For The Sea” Season 2, International Songwriting Competition 2022 will be opened for registration soon. Please check the official website International Seakeepers Society Songwriting Competition 2022 - Hitmaker Global Academy for more information. Terms, Rules and Regulations apply.

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International SeaKeepers Society, Asia

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About the Co-Organisers

The International SeaKeepers Society

The International SeaKeepers Society was founded in 1998 by a small group of yacht owners who were alarmed by the deterioration of our natural environment. The organization’s initial focus was on the development and use of instrumentation on yachts to monitor marine conditions throughout the world’s oceans. Today, The International SeaKeepers Society continues to work with yachts as a vital part of its programming.

The International SeaKeepers Society strives to increase current knowledge about the oceans, promote and facilitate scientific discovery and raise awareness about critical ocean issues. SeaKeepers works directly with the yachting community as an essential component and contributor to ocean research and conservation efforts. The organization runs several yacht-involved programs to accomplish this mission.

The International SeaKeepers Society began expansion into Asia in 2016 with the SeaKeepers Asia chapter. Building upon established international programming, the focus in Asia is creating awareness of the current situation of our oceans in Asia in order to build a sense of appreciation and commitment to protect, conserve and restore when possible.

Motto: Research. Educate. Protect and Restore.

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Email : Ms Gail Tay [email protected]

Hitmaker Global Academy

Hitmaker is an education and launchpad platform for musicians and talents in penetrating the commercial music industry. It collaborates with world-renowned practitioners, coaches, music producers, and songwriters that have successfully launched multiple hits for major artists, including Namie Amuro, Timbaland, Boyz II Men, and Girls’ Generation to help grow the next generation of artists and prepare them on the global stage.

Hitmaker is committed to promoting a wholesome, original, and vibrant music industry by organising various international festivals and competition such as Singapore International Solo Competition, Australian International Music Competition, Guiyang Music Festival, and International Ensemble Competition in the past.

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