The International SeaKeepers Society Partners with DRIFT Energy supporting a new class of renewable energy and growing its global DISCOVERY Yacht Programme.

Gill Rodrigues
Director International Relations, SeaKeepers
[email protected]
Ben Medland
CEO & Founder, DRIFT Energy
[email protected]

London, United Kingdom – The International SeaKeepers Society (SeaKeepers) has collaborated with DRIFT Energy, the UK company leading the way in green energy innovation. Through this partnership, DRIFT Energy vessels will join SeaKeepers DISCOVERY Yacht Fleet and support ocean conservation, research, education and sustainability. The SeaKeepers’ DISCOVERY Yacht Programme is our foremost initiative for accomplishing our mission and goals.

DRIFT Energy's mission is to solve the world's biggest problem using its biggest resource, the ocean. DRIFT Energy is a new class of mobile renewable energy that produces green hydrogen at sea, which is delivered globally to any port.

“There is an expanding global awareness on the importance of adopting sustainable and greener practices and the impact social responsibility has on the environment around us and the boating community is no exception to this matter,” says Jay Wade, SeaKeepers Chairman. “SeaKeepers takes pride in supporting green technology through our foremost initiatives and partnerships like DRIFT Energy to fulfill our mission of protecting and restoring our ocean.”

DRIFT Energy’s modern high-performance sailing vessels cruise around the world’s Tradewinds harvesting energy from underwater turbines. The energy yachts provide a mobile, distributed energy system, which will help the UK and maritime economies be more energy self-sufficient. High energy prices, and the race to net-zero, mean countries across the world are looking to increase the resilience of their energy networks, increase self-sufficiency and home-grown sources of green power. DRIFT adds another way.

Thank you to the DRIFT Energy team for providing the backdrop to our cocktails during the SeaKeepers’ United Kingdom Launch of Saturday 13th May. DRIFT showcased their Energy Yacht demonstrator and CEO Ben Medland spoke of how they are creating a new class of mobile renewable energy, turning sail power into hydrogen to create what is essentially a self-filling green tanker. The company is planning to deploy thousands of energy yachts in flotillas across the globe and has partnered with SeaKeepers and Seabed 2030 to add bathymetric data loggers to each one. The team are currently in the process of building a 50-meter catamaran which they hope to launch in 2025. To participate in the future of DRIFT Energy as an Impact or Angel Investor, reach out directly to [email protected].

DRIFT Energy ® DRIFT Energy's mission is to solve the world's biggest problem by using its biggest resource, the ocean. We do it by harvesting green hydrogen at sea and transporting it globally. Our technology is creating a new class of renewable energy and lends DRIFT multiple advantages over existing classes of renewable energy. DRIFT is an “AND” company, meaning we complement the existing energy grid. We love all forms of renewable energy generation. But it’s time to add another planet-scalable solution and make #OceansOfEnergy.

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