Career Day at Shenadoah Middle School

Miami, Florida
March 21, 2024


On March 21st, 2024, The International SeaKeepers Society's Education Manager, Toni Lohroff, and Citizen Science Manager, Haley Davis, participated in the 3rd annual Career Day at Shenandoah Middle School here in Miami. This event was attended by all 1,200 Shenandoah Middle School students who were able to speak to adults in at least 15 different local professions, including marine biology and community outreach! Our tabling materials for Career Day included our trusty Mahi Mahi model, SCUBA diving gear, and marine survey tools like underwater notebooks which we used to discuss with students what the day-to-day responsibilities of someone in the marine science field might look like. Students were also able to learn about some of the common local reef organisms by interacting with samples like shells plus coral and sponge skeletons! Of course, students were encouraged to ask questions about the field and also to join SeaKeepers in learning more about the ocean through our Education, Outreach, and Citizen Science programs in the future!

Outing Goal

By participating in community events like Shenandoah Middle School's Career Day, SeaKeepers is working to improve our reach for community engagement, citizen science, and education, while always aiming to recruit new DISCOVERY Vessels to our network of change-makers. We were excited to meet so many new faces at this event, and we look forward to seeing some of our participants at programming events in the future!

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