Dr. Karenne Tun

Director Coastal and Marine Branch, National Biodiversity Centre & National Parks Board

Dr Karenne Tun is the Director of the Coastal and Marine Branch at the National Biodiversity Centre, National Parks Board (NParks). She joined NParks in 2013, after an 18 year circuit within academia, non-profit organisation and private environmental consultancy, during which time she obtained her PhD from the National University of Singapore where she focussed on developing tools for coral reef monitoring and management. Karenne’s interest in the marine environment was ignited as an undergraduate, where, over the years, her fascination turned to concern at their rapid decline, particularly within the region. Karenne subsequent work at NUS focussed on studying the impacts of anthropogenic activities on coral reefs, before moving onto coordinating coral reef monitoring efforts in the Southeast Asian region at the World Fish Centre. Karenne’s current work at NParks covers issues related to the management and conservation of Singapore’s coastal and marine environment and the biodiversity they support. Her team is also responsible for managing Singapore’s first Marine Park – the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, and works closely with the wider community to encourage responsible stewardship and sustainable use of the Marine Park to achieve the overarching objectives of conservation, outreach, education and research.