Why You Should Help, What You Can Do,
and How It Will Help

Invest in Our Oceans

The oceans are the lifeblood of Earth and all humankind. They cover nearly three-quarters of our planet and account for 97% of its water. They produce more than half of the oxygen in our atmosphere and absorb the most carbon from it. About half of the world’s population lives within a coastal zone, and ocean-based businesses contribute more than $500 billion to the world’s economy.

The sheer number of people who use and depend on the oceans, and the sometimes unwise practices we adopt, have created problems such as overharvest of resources, reduction in biodiversity, and degradation of marine habitats and species, among many others. Humanity now risks the very ecosystems on which our survival depends. We must become better stewards of our oceans.

SeaKeepers will continue to drive programming that educates and empowers the yachting community to become aware of the issues our oceans face while taking an active role in helping to develop solutions through exploration, scientific research, and education. You can support SeaKeepers in a number of ways through donations of cash or in-kind support. Both types of support are equally critical to the successes of operations and programming.

Your donation will help underwrite the costs of the three elements of the DISCOVERY Yachts Program: Scientist-Led Expeditions, Citizen Science, and Educational Outreach. You’ll also provide an opportunity for a young scientist to receive hands-on training as an intern under our Director of Programs & Policies. We invite you to lead the way and receive prominent recognition in support of our programs, including various naming opportunities.

In 2018, SeaKeepers organized 37 missions through the DISCOVERY Yachts Program. Although DISCOVERY Yachts provide the use of their vessels, we need additional help with funding the ancillary costs of program coordination, travel expenses for program participants, equipment transport, and vessel expenses, including provisions and dockage.

Become a SeaKeepers member! Our program offers six levels of varying membership support. Member support goes towards the heart of our mission, the DISCOVERY Yachts Program, which facilitates research, exploration, and education at sea using private vessels. Your participation can provide a variety of experiences from engaging in a DISCOVERY Yacht expedition to attending VIP events held around the world.

Can’t sell your yacht? Consider donating it to SeaKeepers to support scientist-led expeditions, citizen science, and educational outreach expeditions. Yachts are donated “as is” and are considered tax-deductible. We also offer numerous vessels available for charter for the individual who wants to fuel their passion for boating while also supporting SeaKeepers and its mission.

The DISCOVERY Yachts Program is our foremost initiative for accomplishing our mission and goals. By donating time on your yacht, you help eliminate one of the biggest challenges of ocean research: the lack of at-sea platforms. Your donation also enables school children to experience the ways in which we can study marine life and protect our ocean for future generations.

SeaKeepers members are invited to and recognized at a variety of exclusive events hosted by us or one of our many partners. These events take place throughout the year at various locations around the world. Sponsoring a SeaKeepers event offers unique opportunities to cross-market your brand and reach a highly desirable demographic.

Photo Credits

Banner: Jesse Alpert
Shark Tagging (Provide Funding): UM Shark Research & Conservation Program
Penny Mae Crew (Support Science): Captain Mike O’Neil
SeaKeeper 2015 Award (Consider Membership): Yanni Georgoulakis