Junior SeaKeepers 23-24 Workshop 1: Introduction to the Scientific Method

Miami, Florida
September 27, 2023


On Wednesday, September 27th, The International SeaKeepers Society's Education Manager, Toni Lohroff, hosted the first Junior SeaKeepers Program workshop for the 2023-24 cohort of students. This was our first Junior SeaKeepers workshop aimed at personal and professional development for students of the year-long program, and we were thrilled to host students and give them a crash course in using the scientific method to conduct and present quality research.

We started the workshop by discussing the purpose and origins of the scientific method, and why it is the standard for conducting scientific research. Students had the opportunity to go, in detail, through the steps of the method with examples relating to the 2020 Biscayne Bay fish kills. Fish kills like those that have happened in our Biscayne Bay are mass deaths of fish and other organisms as the combined result of increased temperatures and nutrient runoff from things like construction and terrestrial pollution. Students were also introduced to the concept of extracting information from scientific publications during our September workshop, which we will go more into depth on in future workshops. While this will be an invaluable skill for JSK’s throughout their academic careers and as informed citizen scientists, it will also be vital for the completion of their Junior SeaKeepers research project, which they will complete and present by the end of their year with us.

Outing Goal

By attending workshops with the SeaKeepers team, our Junior SeaKeepers have the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills that will aid them in their advancement in STEM studies and careers. We hope that our first workshop gave students a glimpse into how much they have to gain out of this unique extracurricular program!

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