Scientist-led Expeditions

Scientist-led expeditions provide yacht owners, guests and crew the opportunity to participate in ongoing research while engaging with influential, well-known marine scientists. The largest expense, and often limiting factor, in ocean research is access to an at-sea research platform. Using member yachts, SeaKeepers works with experts in the marine science and oceanography fields to promote and facilitate groundbreaking research. Each scientific expedition is unique and is organized with both the science and yacht in mind.

“Our porpoise study depends on high quality photographs that can only be taken from a stable platform at sea. Thanks to the yacht provided by SeaKeepers, we were able to go farther and get more images in a single day than we have ever done before. This collaboration produced the kind of valuable scientific data that will allow us to tell the story of the porpoises and their return to the San Francisco Bay.”

– Bill Keener, Scientist and Co-founder of Golden Gate Cetacean Research.

Educational Outreach Expeditions

The goal of the Educational Outreach program is to provide an exceptional “floating classroom” experience for students to foster curiosity and concern for marine issues such as: plastics, pollution, and sustainability practices. The program builds upon the success of the DISCOVERY Yacht Scientist-led Expeditions, which enables scientists to conduct research aboard member yachts. Educational Outreach Expeditions further engage scientists to lead the learning experience either while conducting their research from the yacht or presenting lesson plans and activities to groups onboard, which are coordinated with educational staff in several areas of study. Additionally, the program directly serves educators by inviting them to participate in research with a scientist and share findings with their respective student bodies.

Instrument Deployments

SeaKeepers DISCOVERY Yachts enhance the current academic fleet by making unconventional vessels (member yachts) available to the scientific community. Privately owned yachts are particularly attractive mobile research platforms because of their tendency to frequent remote and ecologically rich locations, where regular large commercial traffic is minimal. The ability to monitor the ocean globally through drifter deployments from vessels enables us to track the ocean in real-time, to view the ocean engine in action, and to improve predictive capabilities through vigorous validation of ocean models. Each drifter has a unique tracking capability, which allows the vessel that deployed it to track its movements on line and see the data collected. Institutions including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and Argo work with SeaKeepers to make ongoing oceanographic measurements with SeaKeepers Drifters and Argo floats. These devices are deployed from yachts and have been designed to be scientifically productive and efficient while minimally invasive to the environment. Collected data is used for oil spill and marine debris accumulation analyses; weather and hurricane prediction models; satellite quality control; and an overall better understanding of the marine environment.

SeaKeepers Internship

SeaKeepers is a progressive organization which has successfully adapted throughout its existence to capitalize on the unique resources and capabilities of the yachting community and drive innovative solutions for science research and exploration; education and artistic enrichment; and marine conservation awareness. A dynamic team of professionals steers the content and performance of day-to-day operations. Interns will have a valuable opportunity to interact with and learn from a diverse group of skilled staff across all aspects of the organization. Positions will have key responsibilities to ensure interns engage as an active member of the team. The underlying goal is to provide participants with real-life experiences, enabling them to develop the proficiencies, knowledge and experience necessary to be highly successful.


The International SeaKeepers Society’s Bi-monthly Newsletter is the oldest publication produced by the organization. The newsletter reaches 11,000+ constituents and covers all the latest news in four distinct sections: In The Loop, Programming, Get Involved, and Events. The Programming section represents the work of the DISCOVERY Yachts Program, which is our foremost initiative in accomplishing our mission and goals. The DISCOVERY Yachts Program has a profound impact as it is able to bring the yachting community together with scientific, education, and artistic communities to facilitate and promote groundbreaking research. Additionally, celebrity engagement, awardees, events, yacht shows, award announcements and other newsworthy items are featured.

The DISCOVERY Yacht Membership Program

Since inception in 1998, membership has formed the basis for engagement and support with two top tiers of participation: The Admiral Club and Founding Members. The funding provided by these donors helped to establish the society and its operations. The current membership program has multiple levels of participation that encourage involvement from all types of vessels. The growth of our membership program has allowed for an increase of the DISCOVERY Yachts Fleet and the number of programming activities. As well as our top tiers of membership, SeaKeepers also has an annual membership program for individuals and companies that believe in the positive impact of SeaKeepers and want to offer support for its mission.

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