Top-Tier Membership

Invest In Our Oceans! Since inception in 1998, membership has formed the basis for engagement and support with two top tiers of participation, The Admiral Club and Founding Members. The support and dedication of these members helped establish the society and promote SeaKeepers’ mission through our inaugural year and beyond. When you become an Admiral Club Member or Founding Member, you’ll make an important investment in our oceans and enable SeaKeepers to continue pioneering the use of private vessels to facilitate ocean research, conservation, and education.

Become A Member

For more information on becoming an Admiral Club or Founding Member of SeaKeepers, please contact:
Richard Snow at [email protected].

Admiral Club ($250,000+)

Admiral Club Members are part of an elite group of our most generous benefactors and are individually recognized at exclusive social and scientific functions hosted by SeaKeepers. The Society is open to furnishing ocean monitoring, preservation, and restoration initiatives to the desires of  these members. Admiral Club Members are permanently listed on all of our collateral materials.

Paul Allen  |  Lee & Penny Anderson  |  Fred & Phyllis Balm

Albert Gersten  |  J. Mark & Melissa Grosvenor  |  Don & Rachelle Tomlin

Jim & Nancy Baldwin  |  Jamie Coulter  |  Rich & Helen De Vos

Charles & Diane Gallagher  |  Jim & Jan Moran  |  James & Sujo Offield

Vee King & Linda Shaw   |  John & Nancy Williams

Founding Members ($50,000+)

Founding Members enjoy a great sense of purpose and fellowship by joining other international leaders in directly providing the resources needed to continue our global effort in preserving and restoring the health of the world’s oceans. Founders are listed on our letterhead and receive priority access at all SeaKeepers events.

Michael & Sara Abraham
Mohammed Al-Barwani
Nasser Al-Rashid
Theodore & Gianna Angelopoulos
Michael & Sheila Ashkin
Frank & Sally Atlass
Anthony & Linda Bakker
H. Doug Barnes
Richard Beattie
Michael & Karen Blake
Tim Blixseth
Steve & Tina Bostic
John Landrum Bryant
Brian & Annie Chang
Jim Clark
Brian & Denise Cobb
David Copley
Bryan & Christine Cressey
Larry De George, Jr.
Michael De Groote
Roy & Patricia Disney
Alex & Renate Dreyfoos
Richard & Judi Duchossois
Orin & Charlene Edson
Rick & Patty Elkus
Bruce A. Erickson
Donatella de Filippo Campioni
Robert & Marilyn Fisher
Steve Forbes
Stephen & Lori Garofalo
Russ George
Robert Gerard
Owen Glenn
Cheng Liang Goh
Frank & Lee Goldberg
Marc & Diane Goldman
Tom & Kimberly Gonzales
Thomas Haffa
Duane & Lola Hagadone
Matthew Hagans
John Hargreaves
Jerry & Maryanna Herbst
Bill & Kerry Holekamp
Doug & Roxanne Houghton
Stanley & Karen Hubbard

Richard Hull 
Gale Anne Hurd
John & June Klindworth
Scott and Mandy Leonard
Leslie J. Lott
Christina Lotter
Robert & Roxana Lorton
Edward Lozick
J. Daniel & Ellen Lugosch, III
Henry & Kelly Luken
Christine Lynn
Gerald & Linda Mackie
Craig & Susan McCaw
Richard & Lynette Merrilat
Howard & Rory Meyers
Michael T. Moore
John & Susan Morrison
Nancy S. Mueller
Lee & Laura Munder
Peter Nicholas
Bud & Marla Paxson
Carlos & Mariana Peralta-Quintero
Jerry Pikolysky & Lee Clark
John Porter
Gary Primm
Denise Rich
John & Irene Roth
Marlyne Sexton
David & Jacqueline Siegel
Bill Simon Family
Michael Smurfit
John & Sue Sobrato
Jim & Cynthia Stebbins
Robert & Christine Stiller
Philip Stephenson
HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan
John & Georgene Tozzi
Gary & Staci Turner
Leo & Kathryn Vecellio
Douglas & Linda Von Allmen
Jay & Janna Wade
Ted Waitt
Herbert & Nicole Wertheim
Frank Wlasek
Ambrous & Annie Young