Floating Classroom


Vessel Name: DISCOVERY Vessel Bayripper & DISCOVERY Yacht Isabel
Program date: May 15, 2021

On May 15th, 2021, 4 students from Doral Academy’s Builders Club joined SeaKeepers and Miami WaterKeeper for a floating classroom aboard DISCOVERY Vessel Bayripper and Yacht Isabel. These students were able to use a YSI instrument in Little River, which runs along populated areas before emptying into Biscayne Bay. They were able to record water quality data such as dissolved oxygen concentration, chlorophyll, temperature, and acidity. They also used a Secchi disk to determine turbidity!

Back at Morningside Park, the Builder’s Club averaged about 4 pounds each in our cleanup and totaled 16.5 pounds across 2 bags! We loved seeing them put conservation into action, and had a great discussion afterwards about different ways we can all live sustainably despite the roles plastics play in daily life.
As always, SeaKeepers loves to help students enhance their knowledge of the ocean and its health, and Miami WaterKeeper is our favorite partner in doing so. Thank you to Doral Academy for joining us and we can’t wait to go out for some more water quality testing soon!

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