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In March 2023, SeaKeepers launched its UK Office, marking a significant step forward in our mission to advance ocean conservation, research and education across the United Kingdom and Europe. Based in London, our UK Office is focused on expanding our global footprint and supporting SeaKeepers’ vision within the European yachting and academic communities.

At SeaKeepers, we believe in the power of collaboration and engagement. Through our global DISCOVERY Yacht Programme, yacht owners are invited to join us in supporting vital marine research, conservation and educational initiatives. You can contribute by offering your vessel’s time, engaging in citizen science projects or participating in our educational outreach events. Additionally, international academic research institutions seeking a platform for their work can submit proposals through SeaKeepers’ website portal.

Our UK Office serves as the bridge connecting the European community to our dedicated programming team at our US headquarters, offering science-at-sea and citizen science opportunities around the globe. Moreover, we provide educational outreach programs tailored specifically for the UK and European communities.

With the support of international offices and chapters, SeaKeepers will make a profound impact on our oceans and the world. Join us in our mission to safeguard the seas for generations to come.

SeaKeepers UK Launch Video

“Research. Educate. Protect and Restore.”


Neuston Net Research
Collective Field Deployment

Neuston Net Research Collective

deploying a Citizen Science Neuston Net

Citizen Science Initiatives

Citizen science expeditions offer an opportunity for yacht and boat owners to get involved in smaller-scale marine research initiatives. These expeditions do not require scientists to be aboard, but they permit vessel owners and crew to participate in ongoing research projects which depend on the participation of non-scientists within the community. SeaKeepers' Citizen Science Programme is sponsored by RSA Insurance Group Ltd.

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Neuston Net Research Collective

The microplastic research group at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) are tackling some of the crucial questions pertaining to microplastics in the ocean, including their fate, distribution in the ocean and their ecological effects. There is a critical need to understand the extent and characteristics of this contamination, down to the smallest sizes possible, because the smaller the particle, the higher the risk to ecosystems and humans.

The NOC will have direct contact with SeaKeepers Citizen Scientists to guide research, assist in sample site selection, advise on sample collection, and troubleshoot where required. They will also present findings to Citizen Scientists from the samples collected and highlight insights gained into the broader oceanographic context.

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Seabed 2030 Project in Collaboration with Maiden

Tracy Edwards MBE, Gill Rodrigues
and Skipper, Heather Thomas,
onboard D/V Maiden

Seabed 2030 Project in Collaboration with Maiden

The International SeaKeepers Society partnered with Maiden, a vessel with a storied history of breaking barriers and empowering women, as they paused their world tour to compete in the Ocean Globe Race (OGR). The crew carries the Seabed 2030 logger on board, contributing valuable data to map the ocean floor as part of SeaKeepers’ Citizen Science initiative. The logger was installed before the OGR, and the first leg of data from the UK to Cape Town is already in the hands of SeaKeepers’ Citizen Science team.

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Local pupils participating
in a SeaKeepers “Floating Classroom”

Educational Outreach Activities

SeaKeepers educational outreach is focused on marine wildlife, plastic pollution, sustainability practices, water contamination and more. SeaKeepers staff work closely with the yacht/boat owner or marine industry business to determine the appropriate type of participant group and outreach content, as necessary. Increasingly, an emphasis on green boating practices and highlighting emerging technologies that transition vessels from motor yachts to cleaner energy sources are included as part of the presentations.

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SeaKeepers presenting
to Poole Harbour Commissioners

Community Engagement Events

Poole Harbour Commissioners Presentation

On Friday, May 12, 2023, The International SeaKeepers Society joined Poole Harbour Commissioners (PHC) for an informal lunch presentation. During the meeting, PHC presented the Master Plan and shared the strategy and proposals for the future development of the Port over the next 20 years.

Poole Harbour is one of the outstanding features of the English Coastline, the harbour has major environmental significance and has been designated as a Wetlands Site of International Importance under the Ramsar convention, a site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Protection Area. PHC plays a leading role in the environmental stewardship of the Harbour. It was fascinating to understand more about their future plans for the region.

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Support the United Kingdom

SeaKeepers with Tracy Edwards and
DISCOVERY Vessel Maiden
at St Katharine Docks, London.

In order to continue building efforts in the United Kingdom that create local awareness and commitment to protection, conservation, and restoration of the marine ecosystem, SeaKeepers United Kingdom relies on the generosity of like minded individuals and corporations.

Support SeaKeepers United Kingdom efforts in Educational Outreach, Citizen Science, and Community Engagement by filling out the Sponsorship Support Form below.


United Kingdom Events

Upcoming Events


Palma International
Boat Show

Palma International Boat Show

From 25th to 28th April 2024, the SeaKeepers United Kingdom team will attend the Palma International Boat Show, which is on time to inaugurate the Mediterranean nautical season.The international nautical sector will gather in Palma’s Moll Vell to present the latest innovations in an edition that promises to be very special.

If you wish to meet with the UK Team while attending the Palma International Boat Show, please contact us below.

Past Events


Marie-Claude Heys & Gill

Official Launch

On 13 May 2023, The International SeaKeepers Society is celebrating our 25th anniversary and the expansion of our mission to the United Kingdom at the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) College in Poole, Dorset. The evening highlighted our recent partnerships and programming activities in the UK & Europe.

Guest speakers included Board Chair Emeritus & Board Member, Michael T. Moore; Chair of “World Sailings” Sustainability Commission & IMOCA and FICO world champion, Mike Golding OBE, and spokesperson for Tracy Edwards MBE, Marie-Claude Heys.


Deon Lotter, Christina Sørensen
Lötter & Mike Golding OBE

Pre-Launch Reception

On 22 September 2022, SeaKeepers hosted a private cocktail reception ahead of the Monaco Yacht Show at The Shard in London, England. We announced our United Kingdom launch event planned for May 2023. We highlighted our new UK partnerships and recent programming activities that include global Citizen Science initiatives, Scientist-led Expeditions, and Educational Outreach.

United Kingdom Programming Highlights

Citizen science expeditions offer an opportunity for vessel owners to get involved in smaller-scale marine research initiatives. These expeditions do not require scientists to be aboard, but they permit vessel owners and crew to participate in ongoing research projects which depend on the participation of non-scientists within the community. Browse our additional programming by visiting our Headquarters, Asia, and the United Kingdom pages on our website.

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Instrument Deployments

The International SeaKeepers Society works with a number of institutions, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and Argo to make ongoing oceanographic measurements. The collection of consistent and accurate data is extremely important for oil spill and marine debris accumulation analyses, weather and hurricane prediction models, quality control tests on satellites, and an overall better understanding of the marine environment. It is vital that the global instrument arrays are well distributed; private vessels can achieve this along routes that are not typically traveled. Currently, The International SeaKeepers Society employs the use of two types of devices — SeaKeepers Drifters and Argo Floats. These instruments have been designed to be scientifically productive and efficient while minimally invasive to the environment.

SeaKeepers has also partnered with Florida International University’s Global FinPrint, a Paul G. Allen initiative, which is conducting the first global survey of shark and ray populations with the use of baited remote underwater video (BRUV) surveys. SeaKeepers vessels can support the effort by deploying the BRUV rigs at coral reef locations around the world. Each rig is minimally invasive and includes an underwater camera and attached bait box. Marine organisms are attracted to the bait and are then filmed. Researchers review the footage to obtain important information about the populations of these globally threatened species, in order to drive shark and ray conservation through research and policy. Areas of particular interest include the Dry Tortugas, Indonesia, and French Polynesia.

SeaKeepers engages local communities through various initiatives, including yachting industry events, seminars, and beach clean-ups, as well as campaigns and projects that aim to protect and restore coral reefs and safeguard marine species. Browse our additional programming by visiting our Headquarters, Asia, and the United Kingdom pages on our website.

  • Join the DISCOVERY Fleet

    As yachts travel around the world SeaKeepers seeks to create additional value to the mobilization of these vessels by engaging them in ocean conservation, research, and educational opportunities while they move between destinations. The degree of participation can vary from a 10-minute instrument deployment while en route to your next port to an afternoon outreach trip with children. Vessel owners who generously donate time on their yachts to the SeaKeepers DISCOVERY Yacht Programme may qualify for tax benefits to the extent allowed by law and are offered the opportunity to be honored at SeaKeepers events, featured on the SeaKeepers website and recognized for their research and conservation efforts in the SeaKeepers newsletter.

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  • A Green Guide to Boating

    As recreational boaters, you can adopt good boating practices that protect the ocean and reduce your carbon footprint. Proper handling, responsible vessel maintenance, good refueling, repair and storage habits preserve clean water and protect the animals that live in it, while keeping you and your families safe.

    As a non-profit organization focused on oceanographic research and conservation – our Green Guide to Boating offers advice, resources, and examples of what makes a green boater. It’s time to take the next step in protecting the oceans you love.

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