Science at Sea

SeaKeepers “Science at Sea” focuses on the different types of partners that collaborate to make programming happen every year. From captains and crew to families, to like-minded organizations to academic institutions, SeaKeepers unites the boating community with conservation and research opportunities, with everyone working towards a common goal.

For each expedition, a scientist is paired with a vessel that can meet the research expedition’s needs, including location, itinerary, and vessel specifications as outlined in the research proposal. The yacht owner’s scientific interests are also taken into account when pairing scientists and their projects with DISCOVERY vessels. Click below to become a DISCOVERY Yacht or to submit a proposal on your next expedition needs. Please contact below.

Scientist-Led Expeditions

Scientist-Led Expeditions provide yacht owners, guests, and crew the opportunity to participate in ongoing research while engaging with influential, well-known marine scientists. The largest expense, and often limiting factor, in ocean research is access to an at-sea research platform. Using member yachts, The International SeaKeepers Society works with experts in the marine science and oceanography fields to promote and facilitate groundbreaking research. Each expedition charter is unique and is organized with both the science and the yacht in mind.

As hybrid and electric propulsion technology have been making leaps in efficiency and range, we look forward to the day when all boats are either solar-powered or have a battery capacity that will allow them to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels. As these technologies emerge, we are encouraging yacht owners to practice responsible measures in protecting our oceans and provide, “The Green Guide to Boating” as part of our Green Marine Program.

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DISCOVERY Vessel Portal

SeaKeepers is proud of an extensive fleet that has provided support around the globe. The program’s existence is through the generous support of private vessels which are made available for scientist-led expeditions, citizen science, educational outreach events, and community engagement activities. SeaKeepers is extremely grateful for the many different types of vessels which participate in our DISCOVERY Yacht Program and comprise the Fleet.

However to match the demand for oceanographic research, we are still in need of more support to satisfy the demand. Begin your search for an ideal vessel to host an expedition or submit your project for vessel support.