Shark Tagging

Shark Tagging aboard D/Y Shredder
February 19 - 25, 2019

During February 19th - 25th, 2019, The International SeaKeepers Society teamed up with Beneath the Waves, Global Marine Travel, and Grand Isle Resort to conduct shark tagging aboard D/Y Shredder, as well as deploying new acoustic receiver technology. This was a part of the ongoing Beneath The Waves shark sanctuary study which consists of tagging sharks and collecting as much data as possible to assess how shark populations are thriving in the protected Bahamian waters. Guests staying at Grand Isle Resort, as well as local youth from the Exuma Foundation were able to join our daily outings to get a hands-on experience which proved to be both educational and exciting for all who took part.

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Scientific Publication

Shipley, O.N., Lee, C.S., Fisher, N.S., Sternlicht, J.K., Kattan, S., Staaterman, E.R., Hammerschlag, N., Gallagher, A.J., 2021. Metal concentrations in coastal sharks from The Bahamas with a focus on the Caribbean reef shark. Scientific Reports (11) 1-11.

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Beneath The Waves
Fleet Miami
Global Marine Travel
Grand Isle Resort
University of New England’s Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab

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