Dive Against Debris with SeaExperience

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
June 24, 2023


On Saturday, June 24th, 2023, The International SeaKeepers Society co-hosted a dive cleanup with our friends at SeaExperience, a dive shop located in Ft. Lauderdale. SeaExperience is awarded the PADI Green Star to commemorate their efforts and dedication to conservation and identify them as a dive shop that cares about our coastal environment and actively takes steps to protect it. This weekend 3 divers grabbed a bag to collect trash, and we brought to the surface 1 pound of fishing line, cargo straps, and other unidentifiable plastic fragments. Considering the small size and light weight of the items retrieved - an average cargo strap weighs about 2 grams per foot, and the average fishing line weighs about half a gram per foot, we are happy to have cleared even a pound from Hog Heaven and The Caves. Some cool critters we spotted included a yellow spotted skate and Caribbean reef squid. This cleanup puts us at a site total of 56 pounds so far this year, and we are so excited for next month already! Special thanks to Eliot Rotford who took beautiful pictures on this dive, we hope to see you with us next time!

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