Total Number of 325 Missions Accomplished


  • Scientist-led Expeditions: 86
  • Citizen Science Activities: 100
  • Educational Outreach Events: 74
  • Community Engagement Activities: 72

People Directly Connected To Our Mission

2014-2021 Approximate Statistics

  • 2,700+ Students
  • 2,630+ Volunteers
  • 100+ Program Partners

Support Our Mission and Programs

The Earth as we know it cannot exist without healthy oceans.

SeaKeepers is an organization that unites the yachting community with the scientific and educational communities to facilitate programming for conservation. Anyone can discover more about the marine environments of the world and help restore them through extensive program opportunities offered.

Marine science and conservation is supported by utilizing member yachts as platforms for marine research, educational outreach, and to deploy oceanographic instruments. Our efforts eliminate vessel costs and allow scientists and educators to maximize funding towards research and education. Additionally community engagement programs promote conservation awareness and unite local participants in beach and dive cleanups.

DISCOVERY Yacht Program

Carbon Impact Program

Owning a boat comes with its own set of responsibilities and as a yachter, you are in a unique position to be a leader in water protection. Our position is to first take the lead and encourage personal action to reduce your individual carbon footprint before looking to source offsets for those emissions reductions.

DISCOVERY Yacht Program

The SeaKeepers DISCOVERY Yacht Program is our foremost initiative for accomplishing our mission and goals.

DISCOVERY Vessel Portal

SeaKeepers is proud of an extensive fleet that has provided support around the globe. However to match the demand for oceanographic research, we are still in need of more support to satisfy the demand. Begin your search for an ideal vessel to host an expedition or submit your project for vessel support.

Yacht Donation Program

The International SeaKeepers Society preserves the ocean through yacht donations going towards scientific research, education and ocean conservation.