Alexander Montessori Morningside Park Cleanup


Morningside Park
April 10, 2021

On April 10th, 2021, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Alexander Montessori school who came out to help us clean up Morningside Park. Though a lot of these volunteers' hands were little, we cleaned up a lot - the 8 bags we collected turned in 66.1 pounds!

Additionally, all the volunteers got to learn about microplastics and where they come from, why they are bad for the environment, and how we can protect our ocean. This weekend’s big ticket item was the infamous plastic straw - we counted 181 of them in total, and those are just the ones we could identify! Thank you to Alexander Montessori school for lending your students to us for a cleanup, we had so much fun and hope to see you all at future cleanups!

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