Classroom Visit at Colossal Academy

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
January 23, 2024


On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024, The International SeaKeepers Society’s education team visited 33 students at Colossal Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the first lesson in a three-part series. Our Education Manager, Toni, gave a presentation called ‘Rewilding the Wild’, teaching students about how we can preserve, conserve, and restore local South Florida species and habitats. We looked at the historical changes in Florida’s landscape and how water flow through the Everglades has been altered by human development. Impacts to water flow affect mangrove ecosystems, coral reefs, wetlands, seagrass beds, and all of the animals that rely on these habitats such as manatees, birds, and fish. In order to share what they learned, students were tasked with creating PSA’s aimed at educating the public on specific threats facing local animals or habitats, and their recommendations for how we can either preserve, conserve, or restore them. We finished our lesson with a Kahoot! quizzing students on general marine science knowledge, and marine conservation vocabulary and statistics. We look forward to our next visit to Colossal Academy where students will be learning about marine debris!

Outing Goal

To enhance the knowledge of the students of Colossal Academy about the ecological concepts of conservation, restoration and preservation.

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