Classroom Visit at Compass Outreach and Education Center

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
January 18, 2024


On Thursday, January 18th, The International SeaKeepers Society’s education team visited Compass Outreach and Education Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Compass is a micro-school founded by a mother of 5 and strives to “cultivate a community of lifelong learners by providing personalized educational experiences designed to fit the lifestyles of our families”. SeaKeepers visited the K-5 students at Compass as guest lecturers to give a lesson on marine debris and ocean conservation. Community Engagement Associate Lillian went through a PowerPoint all about marine debris in South Florida. We discussed how litter in our communities can make its way into the ocean due to wind and rain, causing plastics to break down into microplastics in the process. This debris, along with maritime debris, contributes to the death of marine animals that may consume or become tangled in it. We discussed common types of debris found and how we can make lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of it that ends up in our ocean, most importantly moving away from a single-use society. The Compass students were able to show off what they learned afterward during a game of marine debris trivia using Kahoot!. We finished the day by getting creative and asked the students to draw infographic flyers about ocean pollution, some of which you can see below. We had a great day working with the enthusiastic students at Compass and look forward to working with them in the future!

Outing Goal

To give K-5 students an introduction to marine science and the concepts of ocean pollution and sustainability.

Photo Gallery

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