Delving into Mangroves and Coastal Dynamics


May 2023

Singapore, 29 May 2023

The afternoon was set for a SeaKeepers Asia Educational Outreach session on mangroves and the ever-changing shores of Singapore, as 18 students and 2 accompanying teachers from Changkat Changi Secondary School boarded the DY Star Of the Sea berthed at the Raffles Marina.

Guiding them through this narrative and steering the students toward a deeper understanding of mangroves and Singapore's evolving coastline was a facilitator from the Department of Geography at the Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions.

The students learnt that mangroves provide a Biodiversity Hotspot, offering habitats for a diverse array of plant and animal species, serving as breeding grounds, nurseries, and feeding areas for a variety of marine life, supporting rich biodiversity. Additionally, mangroves act as Coastal Protectors, serving as natural buffers from storm surges and tsunamis, and stabilizing coastal sediment against erosion. Furthermore, mangrove forests are highly efficient at sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in their biomass and sediments, contributing to Climate Resilience. Moreover, mangroves provide valuable resources and ecosystem services that support local livelihoods and economies.

There was also time for hands-on engagement. Divided into five groups, each comprising five students, the task at hand was both stimulating and practical. Guided by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority's Masterplan 2019, the groups were assigned different reserve sites across Singapore.

Armed with colour markers and blueprints, the students were challenged to design an environmentally friendly township and encouraged to consider using mangroves as a nature-based climate solution. With sustainability at the forefront, each group meticulously crafted their vision, incorporating green practices and innovative solutions into their plans.

With just two minutes each, the groups presented their designs, unveiling their thoughtful decisions and creative ingenuity. From practicality to sustainability, aesthetics to environmental consciousness, the diversity of perspectives was enlightening and inspiring. As the friendly competition heated up, prizes were bestowed upon the visionary designs, celebrating the students' commitment to holistic urban planning.

Amidst the intellectual endeavours, the day was not without moments of leisure. Thanks to the hospitality of Raffles Marina and the DY Star of the Sea, the students enjoyed refreshments during the break and had the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the yacht.

The Changkat Changi students left the session with a fresh commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development, empowered by new knowledge and creative ideas. Their hope is for the future of Singapore's coastline, with a strong dedication to preserving mangroves.

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