DISCOVERY Yacht ILLIMITÉ Participates in the UMT Ocean Monitoring Project

UMT Ocean Monitoring Project
March & April, 2019

The owners of SV ILLIMITÉ, Noelle and Gary, participated as citizen scientists in the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) Ocean Monitoring Project. The aim of this project is to encourage individuals, yacht owners and hte marina community groups to get involved whilst on their sailing itinerary to monitor the South China Sea and the surrounding areas via water sampling and collecting data on marine debris or micro plastic and marine organisms present.

The couple successfully collected 18 water samples from the sampling points which were surface as well as 5 meters off the bottom every 45 nautical miles. Prior training on the sampling equipment was provided by Dr. Poh Seng Chee, Lead Scientist for the project, before Noelle and Gary started on their journey and a debrief session was held upon the completion.

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