Dive Against Debris


Hog Heaven & Willy's Way
August 7, 2021

On Saturday, August 7th, SeaKeepers once again was able to extend its reach past the coastline and onto the reefs. As part of the annual Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s annual community cleanup, we removed 16 pounds of marine debris from dive sites Hog Heaven and Willy’s Way.

Marine debris data was shared with the Southeast Florida Action Network (SEAFAN), a citizen reporting and response system designed to improve the protection and management of southeast Florida's offshore coral reefs by enhancing marine debris cleanup efforts, increasing response to vessel groundings and anchor damage, and providing early detection of potentially harmful biological disturbances, covering the offshore coral reefs within northern third of Florida's Coral Reef. The 13 participants of this cleanup collected a glass bottle, 2 cans, a plastic cup, 75 feet of various types of rope, 100 feet of fishing line, and around 100-150 feet of plastic cargo straps. That’s almost a football field long of plastic that won’t be entangling marine life. A huge thank you to all of our volunteers for spending your bottom time cleaning, and thank you to Sea Experience for facilitating yet another successful cleanup. We’re excited to see you for another cleanup next month!

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