eDNA Consortium


Mediterranean, Sea
June 2024

Purpose of Research

The purpose of this study is to identify the presence of Great white Sharks living as a part of an under-studied population in the Mediterranean. Using samples of DNA filtered out of the water, scientists can detect whether these sharks are present and where they are likely to be located based on water current patterns. Our first Discovery Vessel on this project, Solace, has gone to great lengths to collect samples across their journey!

Program Overview

The eDNA Consortium through the International SeaKeepers Society is a program that consists of several eDNA projects. eDNA or environmental DNA is genetic material that has been left in the environment by an organism (usually an animal). Just like humans leave a genetic trace wherever we go, animals do the same. This allows researchers and citizen scientists alike to put on their detective cap to discover what animals have been in the area recently, even if there were no witnesses!


Detecting White Sharks in the Mediterranean will help researchers understand more about the life history, habitat, and distribution of this species. Although they are a very well known animal, their species habits and regional distribution is not fully characterized yet. This information could help to inform protections put in place for these vulnerable species.

Duration of Project

Ongoing since June 2024



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