Education Activity E-Workbook

Exploration through the creative process.

To enhance educational impact, SeaKeepers' Education Manager, Toni Lohroff, collaborated with artist Kelly Quinn to develop a 25-page e-workbook titled "Exploring South Florida Habitats." Tailored for 3rd to 5th-grade students, the workbook delves into environmental conservation and showcases various habitats and species, aligning with SeaKeepers-supported research through the DISCOVERY Yacht Program.

Upon downloading the "Education Activity Book Toolkit," educators will receive both the teacher and student e-workbooks. Activities encompass coloring pages, discussion prompts, quizzes, experiments, and more, meeting Florida and US science education standards. For flexibility, the workbook is suitable for home, field, or classroom use. An accompanying "Teacher's Edition" offers answer keys and supplementary resources, enhancing curriculum integration. Both the student e-workbook and the teacher's edition are freely downloadable for educational use via the button below.


The Everglades

The Everglades is a sprawling wetland ecosystem unique to Florida and represents the largest subtropical wilderness found in North America. It is a remarkably biodiverse region with a variety of habitats that support Florida’s iconic and threatened wildlife.

Artwork by Kelly Quinn, Canvas of the Wild


Mangrove Forests

Biscayne Bay is renowned for its extensive mangrove forests, containing one of the longest continuous stretches of mangroves left on Florida’s East coast. Marine life thrives among the tangled roots, while lush tree canopies provide shelter for nesting birds.

Artwork by Kelly Quinn, Canvas of the Wild


The Pelagic

The Pelagic zone of the Western Central Atlantic is fed by the Gulf Stream, a powerful ocean current that transports warm waters from the Gulf of Mexico into the North Atlantic. This region is renowned for its biodiversity, including various species of sharks, dolphins, and large pelagic fish like sailfish and marlin.

Artwork by Kelly Quinn, Canvas of the Wild

Everglades Mangrove Pelagic

Explore South Florida Habitats

Knowledge base and interactive learning.

Journey through three interactive habitats featuring the Florida Everglades, Mangrove Forests, and the Western Central Atlantic Pelagic. These digital exhibits foster engagement with the associated e-workbook while providing in-depth information about featured species and keystone habitats. “Wildscapes Unveiled” is an educational project that not only brings ecosystems to life through immersive designs but also leverages technology and educational resources to promote a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of these environments, encouraging both enjoyment and learning.

Start exploring at the button below and discover some of the memorable wildlife hidden amongst the foliage of each habitat!


Knowledge base by Canvas of the Wild Kelly Quinn

Artwork by Kelly Quinn


Education Murals of
South Florida

Knowledge Base Information

In partnership with the talented team at Canvas of the Wild, The International SeaKeepers Society is excited to present the “Wildscapes Unveiled” educational outreach project. Our goal is to invite South Florida students to explore three vital native environments; the Everglades, Mangrove Forests, and the Western Central Atlantic Pelagic. Learning about how these places support the health of Florida’s ecology and economy, as well as the threatened species that play a role in maintaining these systems.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about these habitats through three interactive displays with embedded touchpoints that link to species and habitat information on the Canvas of the Wild knowledge base. An e-workbook accompanies the murals, which guides students and teachers through each featured habitat display and provide supplemental curriculum.

Beginning in January of 2024, the mobile displays will be showcased at Overtown Youth Center in Miami, Florida, as an ongoing local educational collaboration with The International SeaKeepers Society. Additionally, the explorable digital versions of the habitats are accessible through the Canvas of the Wild knowledge base, with the e-workbook “Exploring South Florida Habitats,” available to the public for download globally via the SeaKeepers website.