Expedition Aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Asean Lady

Expedition aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Asean Lady
March 14, 2016

On March 14, 2016 SeaKeepers Singapore 3D was launched with its inaugural educational outreach day onboard D/Y Asean Lady at Raffles Marina, Singapore. Students from the Singapore American School joined Dr. Ng, a scientist from the National University of Singapore, to learn about coastal development and local marine life. After presentations and an introductory lesson onboard the yacht, participants were provided nets to collect samples from the marina waters. They collected many interesting organisms, including squid, shrimp, fish, snails, soft corals and a flat worm. These animals were brought back onboard to identify and further examine using a microscope. Once the hands-on activities were completed, the animals were released back into the sea. SeaKeepers Board Member Julian Chang concluded the day with a tour of D/Y Asean Lady

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National University of Singapore
Singapore American School: International School in Singapore

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