Exploring Marine Conservation with Nan Hua Teachers


January 2024

Singapore, January, 2024

On a sunny morning of January 26th, the Marina at Keppel Bay and the SeaKeepers team welcomed 17 esteemed educators aboard the DY Star of the Sea. These weren't your average teachers; they were the ones shaping the future of Nan Hua High School’s science education, specializing in physics, chemistry, and biology. Our mission? To ignite their passion for marine conservation and inspire them to incorporate it into their curriculum.

The day began with an engaging icebreaker on Kahoot, revealing an average teaching experience of 10 years among the group. Amidst laughter and camaraderie, it was clear that the stage was set for a day of both learning and bonding.

The main lecture, titled "Can We Save Coral Reefs in Singapore?" delved deep into the intricate world of coral ecosystems. From the basics of what corals are to their crucial role in marine biodiversity, the teachers embarked on a journey through the wonders of these underwater marvels. But the discussion didn't end at admiration; it extended to the pressing threats facing coral reefs and the global and local efforts to preserve them for future generations.

Hands-on learning took centre stage with two experimental demonstrations on ocean acidification and coral bleaching. These activities were designed to be the tools empowering chemistry and general science teachers to delve into crucial topics like the sea's pH levels and light's impact on marine life within their classrooms.

In a thought-provoking group discussion, the educators explored the potential development of "Long Island," a proposed land reclamation project in land-scarce Singapore. This proposed artificial island off the southern coast aims to be created by reclaiming land from the sea for residential, commercial, and recreational purposes. With innovative ideas flowing, it was a testament to the power of collaboration in envisioning sustainable futures.

As the outreach drew to a close, the teachers embarked on a serene marina walk accompanied by the Marina team, gazing upon live corals teeming with life. It was a poignant reminder of the beauty we strive to protect. With heartfelt words from the head of the science department and tokens of appreciation bestowed upon the organizers, the day concluded on a note of gratitude and inspiration.

The feedback reflected the atmosphere of the day: engaging, enlightening, interesting, informative, and enjoyable. Having educators join us for our educational outreach sessions adds even more impact. This was evident in the enthusiasm ignited within each educator—a passion destined to illuminate the minds of countless students about the wonders of marine conservation.

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