Filming and Documenting Mangrove Propagation and Restoration with Dr. Shireen Rahimi and Theo Quenee


D/V Aventura
Miami, FL
April 25, 2024

Program Overview

Local conservationist, Theo Quenee, as co-founder of Send It 4 The Sea, has been propagating mangroves and setting up mangrove nurseries throughout Miami, FL for the past two years. As a teenager, Theo took an interest in mangroves and their crucial role in south Florida's coastal ecosystem. He has since incorporated this passion into the work and mission of Send It 4 The Sea.


Mangroves can be found in tropical areas around the globe. They all serve as natural protection against Hurricanes and other tropical storms, keeping the shoreline from eroding during powerful storm surge. On top of acting as bodyguards for our coastlines, Mangroves also act as a Nursery to hundreds of Marine species ranging from Sea Birds to Fish and Crabs.

In relation to climate change, Mangroves can sequester the more carbon than any other Terrestrial plant on earth!

Mangroves all over the world are being torn down for land space used for shrimp farms and development. Nearly 35% of the worlds mangrove forests have been depleted. In the Americas, Mangrove forests are being cleared at a rate faster than the Amazon Rainforest.

The ultimate goal would be to preserve and protect existing mangroves as coastal regions become developed, and to also make sure they are included in plans to create living seawalls for any future shoreline developments.

Expedition Summary

On April 25th, 2024, The International SeaKeepers Society partnered with Dr. Shireen Rahami of Light Palace Productions to document and help bring awareness about local conservationist, Theo Quenee. Theo is the co-founder of Send it 4 the Sea, a non-profit organization which consists of collective of students, creatives, and change-makers working on behalf of our oceans and the South Florida ecosystem. On this particular day, we helped Shireen and Theo out by connecting them with DISCOVERY Vessel owner, Bill Fernandez and his boat, D/V Aventura. The boat proved to be the ideal vessel for getting out to Boca Chita Key, in Biscayne Bay, Florida. There, Theo planted some mangrove propagules and saplings, demonstrating what he has done in various locations throughout Miami-Dade County and Biscayne Bay.

A big part of this outing was also the story-telling aspect and documentation of Theo, his work, and how important it is to connect with nature. It takes more than just the few conservationists that do this on a regular basis, and telling these stories helps spread awareness and educates the public about how they too can help protect the environment.


Boca Chita Key, Biscayne Bay, FL

Duration of Project


Research Team

  • Theo Quenee
  • Shireen Rahimi
  • Phoebe Fitz
  • Camila Smith
  • Jeff Panella