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DISCOVERY Vessel Julia / Pelican Island
March 14, 2021

On March 14, 2021, the 8 Junior Ambassadors performed various water quality tests to analyze properties such as temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration, pH, and turbidity using Secchi discs. They used the EarthEcho water test kit and an advanced YSI probe to record data manually and electronically!

We’ve been monitoring the area where the Little Mouth River enters Biscayne Bay as it can be a source of fertilizer and sometimes sewage runoff into the bay, creating conditions that are just right for algae blooms. The Ambassadors got to see firsthand how human activity can affect the water quality of the Bay. As always, we cleaned up Pelican Island, and collected 3 bags of trash for a grand total of 32 pounds!

Additionally we engaged in a discussion of how to be sustainable in everyday life – from using reusable water bottles, to skipping the straw.

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