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Morningside Park
April 24, 2021

As Earth Week drew to a close on Saturday, April 24th, 2021, 8 more Junior Ambassadors had the opportunity to join SeaKeepers at Morningside Park for a cleanup and a day of learning. We partnered with Miami Waterkeeper to teach high school students how to record and analyze data from water samples using EarthEcho kits and a YSI device. These instruments allowed students to measure important indicators of water quality and overall ecosystem health like chlorophyll, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity. Not only did they get their hands on some real science, but they were able to take it a step further and discuss the impacts of nutrient runoff and temperature on algal blooms.

Speaking of nutrient pollution, congratulations to the Junior Ambassadors in playing a huge role in getting the Fertilizer Ordinance passed by the City of Miami! With Miami Waterkeeper, Junior Ambassadors don’t just learn the science of conservation, but how to communicate it to the public and our lawmakers as well. Thanks to their advocacy training and the letters they wrote to Florida’s representatives, the types and amounts of fertilizers used in Miami will now be limited in order to protect our beloved coastal ecosystems - just in time for Earth Day!

It’s always a pleasure partnering with Miami WaterKeeper, and we look forward to helping them further nurture young minds in the future!

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