Floating Classroom


Floating Classroom
DISCOVERY Vessel Julia / Pelican Island
March 6, 2021

On March 6, 2021, DISCOVERY Vessel Julia took the Junior Ambassadors to the intersection of Biscayne Bay and the Little Mouth River, where runoff is introduced directly to the ocean and our anthropogenic effects on the environment are at their most visible.

The Junior Ambassadors performed various water quality tests to analyze properties such as temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration, pH, and turbidity using Secchi discs. They used the EarthEcho water test kit and an advanced YSI probe to record data manually and electronically! Afterwards they turned their awareness into action by collecting trash on Pelican Island, and amassed 32.7 pounds of trash! We also learned why we found so many bottle caps without the bottle, and why they were so colorful. Birds think the colorful caps are food and carry them back to their homes – and in learning this the Junior Ambassadors were motivated to use reusable water bottles as often as possible!

Thank you to Miami WaterKeeper and Fleet Miami for continually partnering with us to teach young people about the environment and how to be better advocates for the ocean, we can't wait until next time!

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