I.CARE Trash Derby Festival at Founders Park

Islamorada, Florida
May 5, 2024


On Sunday, May 5, 2024, The International SeaKeepers Society attended the I.CARE Trash Derby Festival at Founders Park, Islamorada. I.CARE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to restoring and protecting our coral reefs by incorporating local organizations, businesses and residents in coral transplanting, maintenance and marine debris cleanup initiatives. Following the second annual I.CARE Trash Derby that took place the previous two days, SeaKeepers joined 34 other organizations and businesses at Founders Park to exhibit our work and network with other organizations and local residents. At the end of the event, I.CARE President Michael Goldberg announced that over 14,000 pounds of trash had been removed from the Keys during the derby, and awarded prizes to the winners of categories like most weight collected and most monofilament removed. SeaKeepers is grateful to have been able to partake in the derby and contribute to the total weight of debris removed, and to meet other organizations and leaders in the community at the festival on Sunday. We look forward to participating again next year and to further engaging the community of the Florida Keys in our programming!

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