Epiphany Catholic School

100 students from Epiphany Catholic School’s third grade class attended SeaKeepers’ first educational outreach of the year on May 30, 2018. The students attended a presentation given by Analisa Duran, Education Manager of the Miami Seaquarium, which gave them an in-depth look at the physiology and genetic adaptations of both Sharks and Dolphins. Having learned about the two species earlier in the school year, this was an opportunity for them to learn even more from an expert.

A portion of the presentation was dedicated to conservation. After discussing the dangers that exist for marine life, such as over fishing, feeding manatees in marinas, and the practice of using shark fins for soup, Ms. Duran spoke to the children about things they themselves can do to help. This included the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle), as well as the phrase “take 3 for the sea,” which is simply a way to remember that if each of them takes 3 pieces of trash that they find on the beach, and properly disposes of them (with parental supervision of course), they’ll be making a huge difference in helping the marine environment.

After a Q&A portion, the kids were able to get an up close look at things like whale baleen, a shark’s jaw, a whale vertebra, a bottle nose dolphin’s skull (replica), and shark egg casings.

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