Compassvale Secondary School

Expedition aboard D/Y Asean Lady

70 students from Compassvale Secondary School‘s Environment Club attended SeaKeepers Asia’s first educational outreach of the year on January 19th. The students attended a presentation given by Mr. Chua Sek Chuan, Senior Manager, Outreach and Education of St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory, which covered an “Introduction to Marine Science & Conservation”. After the presentation the students had the opportunity to engage with Mr. Chaun and ask questions about marine science.

After the initial outreach, 20 students were invited to join a Floating Classroom which took place on February 2 on board DISCOVERY Yacht Asean Lady. Marine Biologists from the Tropical Marine Science Institute of the National University of Singapore gave a presentation on Singapore’s marine biodiversity and the current challenges. Students learned about a successful research project that involved transplanting corals onto man-made structures on seawalls around the Singapore coastline. The project is proving to be conducive for marine life, and reducing the impact of coastal development and loss of marine biodiversity.

The students also participated in a plankton trawl exercise, practiced identifying marine organisms, and learned about dive gear.

Special thanks to our Program Partners:
Raffles Marina
Tropical Marine Science Institute
Compassvale Secondary School

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