JSK Workshop 3: Resumes/CV's and Networking

April 17, 2023


On Monday, April 17, 2023, The International SeaKeepers Society hosted the April Junior SeaKeepers Program workshop for Spring semester students. This was our third Junior SeaKeepers workshop aimed at personal and professional development for students since relaunching the program in January, and we were thrilled to host students and give them a crash course in creating resumes, CVs and preparing for interview and networking opportunities.

We started the workshop by discussing the general differences between resumes and curriculum vitae’s (CVs) including when one may be favored over the other and why. Students identified specific elements of these documents that make translating personal and professional experiences, certifications, etc. into marketable skills to be advertised to potential academic programs, employers, internships, and more. We outlined important skills and experiences that should always or never be included on these documents, and even dove a bit into the complicated rules that can sometimes accompany the call for resumes and CVs. Students were then introduced to the processes and tips associated with networking and generally preparing for interviews after the successful submission of a resume or CV, including researching your target organization, practicing for your interview, preparing an “elevator pitch” style self-introduction, and having unique questions to ask the interviewer(s). The information they received as a part of the April Workshop may be largely applicable to our current upperclassmen students, but will be invaluable for the futures of all students in progressing in future careers, from service to STEM and beyond!

Outing Goal

By attending workshops with the SeaKeepers team, our Junior SeaKeepers have the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills that will aid them in their advancement in STEM studies and careers. We hope that our workshops give students a glimpse into how much they have to gain out of this unique extracurricular program!