Junior Coral Detective Programme

Junior Coral Detective Programme
February & April, 2019

The International SeaKeepers Society Asia – Introduction to Marine Science and Conservation Asia Outreach Programme 2019 had the Floating Classrooms take place on board DISCOVERY Yacht, The Admiral. This event was initiated by the Marina at Keppel Bay for their members’ children to understand the importance of coral reefs. The activities were facilitated by Marine Biologist, Sam Sq, where the children spent a fun morning as Junior Coral Detectives to learn about Singapore’s marine environment and the basic biology of corals. They were able to understand the major threats to coral reefs and discover what marine conservation efforts were happening in Singapore.

The Junior Coral Detective Programme was so successful it took place on February 16th and a session session on April 6th. In the end, the children were more aware of the concepts, the causes and impacts of urban development and climate change in Singapore’s marine environment and how simple changes in their daily lives can positively impact the environment.

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