Junior SeaKeepers Workshop 7: Final Project Q&A

March 25, 2024


On Monday, March 25th, 2024, The International SeaKeepers Society hosted the seventh Junior SeaKeepers Program workshop for 23-24 cohort students. This JSK workshop was a Q&A session for their final research projects led by our Education Manager, Toni Lohroff.

As a part of their final research projects, the Junior SeaKeepers are focusing on local conservation topics regarding issues like marine debris, microplastics manufacturing, the health of local waterways, and more. Many of these research questions will have JSKs collecting their own data locally, while some others will be collecting information from publicly available reports, maps, and partner non-profit organizations. With their final project presentations being due in about two months, this was a great opportunity for JSKs to clarify how they can improve their projects by reducing bias, increasing repeatability, and creating impact value for their results.

Outing Goal

By attending workshops with the SeaKeepers team, our Junior SeaKeepers have the opportunity to develop personal and professional skills that will aid them in their advancement in STEM studies and careers. We hope that our workshops give students a glimpse into how much they have to gain out of this unique extracurricular program!