Map the Gaps 2023


Musée Océanographique de Monaco, Monaco
November 7th 2023

Purpose of Research

Map the Gaps is a global non-profit organization focused exclusively on ocean floor exploration and committed to providing open-access data via international collaboration. The Map the Gaps Annual Symposium is a chance for leaders, stakeholders, and participants in the crowdsourced bathymetry community to gather and share innovations and new insights on mapping the ocean floor.

Program Overview

SeaKeepers attended the Map the Gaps Symposium on Nov 6-8, 2023, represented by Citizen Science Manager Katie Sheahan and Board Member Norma Trease. This fascinating event provided an opportunity for us to present the work we’ve accomplished within the Seabed 2030 Project over the past year and a half. Katie presented the impact of citizen science on crowdsourced bathymetry and Norma enlightened the scientific community on the power of the yachting community to do good. Representatives from Seabed 2030 also shared a video highlighting Maiden Factor’s involvement in the project, a relationship forged and maintained by SeaKeepers in the UK. We had the chance to highlight our partnership with Sea ID and how the wireless NEMO 30 loggers will help achieve the mission of mapping the ocean floor by the year 2030. Katie and Norma enjoyed reconnecting with past SeaKeepers of the Year Fabien Cousteau and Victor Vescovo as well as colleagues from the Crowdsourced Bathymetry Working Group.


Musée Océanographique de Monaco


Participants in the Citizen Science Beach Blitz gained insight on scientific research and contributed to databases consisting of Marine Debris Tracker and iNaturalist. These open-source databases can be used for scientific research and informing the creation of policies that will benefit our marine ecosystems and the South Florida communities.

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