Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue

Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue
March 13-15, 2018

On Wednesday, the 13th of March, 24 volunteer divers travelled from Laguna Redang Island Resort to Terumbu Kili, located within Redang Island Marine Park in Terengganu, Malaysia, with a mission to undertake a Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue. Covering an area of 119 sq. meters, the divers successfully removed a total of 130 pieces of marine debris weighing over 10.45 kgs. During the 40-minute dive, 91 pieces of fishing lines that were tangled within the pristine coral reefs were cleared, with no observations of animals tangled.

All debris were collected and transported back on land for weighing, sorting, and proper disposal according to the guidelines set forth by Project AWARE. The data collected is now available online on Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris®, a citizen-science program that contributes to the global effort to combat marine debris.

The Helping Hands at Redang Island Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue mission was co-organised by The International SeaKeepers Society, Asia and Laguna Redang Island Resort. The event was supported by the Universiti Terengganu Malaysia (UMT) and Our Singapore Reefs.

Under guidance from UMT researchers, the volunteer divers also assisted with planting 100 rescued coral nubbins on bases before relocating them to the Laguna Redang Island Resort’s coral nursery. This will safeguard the coral and encourage the survival and growth rate of broken coral by providing a stable substrate.

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