Miami Beach Cleanup with Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel

Miami Beach, Florida
August 24, 2022


On Wednesday, August 24th, 2022, The International SeaKeepers Society hosted a cleanup for the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel on 17th Street Beach in South Beach that was open for public participation. Sixteen volunteers, both beachgoers and hotel staff members, joined us in cleaning 35 pounds of trash off the sand, boardwalk, and out of the grasses and dunes. Hundreds of cigarette butts and plastic straw wrappers were taken out of the environment. Many big items were found as well, such as balloons and a wide assortment of glass beverage bottles. The afternoon was bright and sunny and after the cleanup volunteers celebrated their accomplishment at High Tide Beach Bar and Grill.

Outing Goal

CleanSwell is a trash collection mobile app developed by Ocean Conservancy and utilized by volunteers at each of our cleanups that allows them to record the types and quantities of trash found during their clean. Our mission at SeaKeepers begins with the foundation of research followed by the education of communities that empower them to protect and restore the surrounding coastal and marine environments. Data from the CleanSwell app is included in a global database that scientists everywhere can access and provides a means of identifying pollution trends that are location specific. Using CleanSwell at our cleanups involves community members in the Ocean Conservancy’s pursuit of evidence based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and people that depend on it, as well as provides the data necessary for effective local legislation to be written accomplishing the SeaKeepers’ goal of protection and eventual restoration. This cleanup, all the trash was accounted for and 63% of volunteers participated in data collection.

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