Monthly Beach Cleanup


Hobie Beach, Virginia Key
August 28, 2021

On Saturday August 28th, we made our monthly visit to Hobie Beach on Virginia Key where we cleaned up 26 pounds of trash - a great haul considering it is our first cleanup since school has gone back underway. We picked up some of the usual bottles, bags and caps, and then a mop someone left behind - not exactly what we mean when we say, “beach cleanup,” as it actually did more polluting than cleaning!

This was an especially scientific cleanup since 100% of our volunteers participated in Ocean Conservancy’s Clean Swell survey which allows us to track the types of trash we’d collected on an app. So thank you to all our volunteers that not only cleaned the beach with us, but contributed to science as well! We are excited to see everyone at our next monthly cleanup, but until then stay safe, sanitized, and plastic free.

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