Monthly Cleanup


Monthly Cleanup
September 12, 2021

On Sunday, September 12th, we were back at Hobie Beach to clean up once again. With 45 volunteers, we managed to remove 165.5 pounds of trash from the sand dunes and the coastline, which is a new record amount of trash cleaned from Hobie Beach! Additionally, 71% of volunteers were able to contribute to a global database of ocean trash statistics by using the CleanSwell app. We are so proud our volunteers are not only cleaning the environment, but helping to advance longer-lasting solutions by being a part of real science. The data collected by the CleanSwell app can be the evidence needed to push along legislative measures that can prevent trash from being such a problem on our beaches in the first place.

Since this was the first time the beach had been cleaned after Labor Day festivities, many volunteers were able to identify and clean certain problem areas with an overwhelming amount of bottles and bottle caps. We picked up over 1,500 bottle caps, and over 1,100 cigarette butts. We’re so grateful for our amazing volunteers who got up early to come spend their sunny Sunday morning with us and take part in such an impactful cleanup. We couldn’t have done it without you all and we hope to see you at our next cleanup!

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