Monthly Park Cleanup


Monthly Park Cleanup

Morningside Park
December 12, 2021

On Sunday, December 12th, SeaKeepers wrapped up another wonderful year of cleanups for volunteers. Although it was a slower cleanup with only 15 volunteers, we still collected 60 pounds of trash from land, sea, and the picnic islands. This brought our year end total to 5,200 pounds!

Congratulations to all of our volunteers and staff on a wonderful record breaking year! Much of this data was also tracked using CleanSwell, and now Ocean Conservancy has access to all trash trends at our favorite beaches and cleanup sites for the year 2021. Not only are we so proud of our volunteers for picking up so much trash, but we are excited to see how this data will be used to make legislative changes for the health of Miami’s beaches. We are also thrilled to have shared so much of this journey with Awareness Into Action, and look forward to more collaboration in 2022!

This weekend our Junior SeaKeepers started their microplastic research projects as well, and we are very excited to see them grow in their knowledge of science, research, and the ocean, as they help us explore new ways to advocate for our oceans. To all of our volunteers, supporters, and fellow ocean lovers, thank you for a wonderful year, and we will see you back in January as the cleaning continues.

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