Neuston Net Methodology Testing with Dr. Rebecca Helm


DISCOVERY Vessel M’Powered
Miami, Florida
December 12-14, 2022

Purpose of Research

Dr. Rebecca Helm studies the ecology and evolution of life on the ocean’s surface layer. Organisms at the surface of the ocean create food and shelter for diverse species, from albatross to salmon, sea turtles to sunfish, and we aim to learn more about surface-living species such as where they live, how abundant they are, and the impacts human activity is having on their numbers.

Duration of Project

December 12-14, 2022

Project Overview

Dr. Rebecca Helm is a participating researcher in the Neuston Net Research Collective. By joining this citizen science initiative, our participants will collect samples for her to study the presence and abundance of life at the ocean surface. The Neuston Net Research Collective is a collaborative project between scientists requiring vast sample collection and vessel owners willing to take samples during their travels.


Data collected from Dr. Helm's research applies to High Seas policy and the impact of novel emerging activities on the high seas ecosystem. A greater understanding of life at the ocean's surface can help lead to the creation of Marine Protected Areas in unincorporated areas.

Expedition Goal

The goal of this outing was to test the current collection methods of the Neuston Net Research Collective and update them according to the types of vessels that will be participating in this project. Dr. Deb Goodwin is a specialist in Neuston Net tows and provided expertise on our methodology to ensure we are collecting viable and accurate data.


Miami, FL

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