Outreach at Nexus International School


March 9, 2022

On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, 30 students from the Nexus International School in Singapore participated in their first International SeaKeepers Society, Asia Educational Outreach Program. Guest lecturer, Ms. Sam Shu Qin, a Researcher at the Tropical Marine Science Institute of the National University of Singapore, shared her specialist knowledge and first-hand experience of doing research on corals in Singapore, with the students. To facilitate their understanding of marine science and conservation, topics ranged from understanding Singapore’s biodiversity to the effects of coral bleaching on the marine environment. All central themes to understanding the threats that our oceans are facing. The international students were surprised to hear that Singapore has rich marine life despite its ‘murky’ waters and the different ways researchers use to restore corals. The session was made all the more livelier and engaging with students asking questions about the initiatives that Singapore’s government is implementing to protect our marine environment and how they can contribute to marine conservation as an individual.

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