Plastics Assessment with Ocean Conservancy/University of Georgia’s Jambeck Research Group


DISCOVERY Vessel Bay Ripper
Miami, FL
May 17, 2021

On May 17th, 2021, The International SeaKeepers Society assisted Ocean Conservancy and the University of Georgia's Jambeck Research Group in conducting field research in Biscayne Bay, FL. They have been helping the City of Miami assess how much plastic pollution and litter is found in different part of the city. In this specific instance four researchers from UGA and one from FIU conducted transects all along Pace Picnic Island: an island in Biscayne Bay that is frequented by boaters and jet-skiers for picnics and parties. On these transects, the number and type of marine debris found was logged into the citizen science app, Debris Tracker.

The ultimate goal is that this data will help the city come up with solutions to prevent the massive amount of litter and plastic marine debris that accumulates in our environment. Currently, a private contractor comes once a week and collects the trash from the bins that have been placed on the island. Unfortunately, this isn't effective in creating what is known as a more "circular" system of waste management.

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Jambeck Research Group at the University of Georgia