DISCOVERY Art is the creative component of SeaKeepers programming.

The works created allow the general public to personally experience and value the oceans, regardless of their proximity to the coast. DISCOVERY Art encourages public awareness of ocean research through the eyes of the artists who are inspired by the ocean.

Featured Artist of the Year

SeaKeepers selects a Featured Artist of the Year whose work is influenced by marine life, science, or ocean conservation. The Featured Artist of the Year creates custom-made awards for SeaKeepers recognition events, such as Bal de la Mer and the Founders’ Dinner. A Drifter designed by the artist is also displayed at an event to raise awareness of SeaKeepers Drifters. The artist is invited to attend SeaKeepers signature events to build relationships with members and promote their work.

2019 Artist of the Year – Jessy Nite

Jessy Nite is a contemporary artist based in Miami, FL, USA. Jessy’s work is best characterized by site-specific, interactive works that place conceptual art into public places. Her signature use of color and custom-made typography cross a variety of disciplines, carrying a playful but deeply rooted narrative. Nite has exhibited her work internationally, most notably in London, Zurich, Vienna, and Bangkok. Her public works (including murals, sculptures, and installations) can be seen across the US as well as internationally.

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Drifter Art

Drifter Art is a strand of the DISCOVERY Art program. SeaKeepers Drifter shells are painted and embellished by local artists and the SeaKeepers Featured Artist of the Year. Drifter Art encourages public awareness of ocean research. SeaKeepers 2014 Moon Over Miami featured artistic designs on multiple drifter pieces to raise awareness about the SeaKeepers Drifter instrument. Drifter Art is never deployed. Pieces can be purchased by private individuals. Drifter Art is displayed at various SeaKeepers events, boat shows, marinas, yacht management, and charter offices.

Drifter Designs

SeaKeepers Drifters that are created by artists are displayed throughout local boat shows. Look out for our next scavenger hunt at the Miami International Boat Show!


The following are partners who may have SeaKeepers Drifter Art on display at their locations in the boat shows and also in their offices throughout the year.