ROV Deployment and Reef Surveys


ROV Deployment and Reef Surveys
DISCOVERY Yacht Greenline 48
Fort Lauderdale, FL
September 15, 2021

On June 29th, The International SeaKeepers Society partnered yet again with Nova Southeastern University’s Professor Paul Arena, and researchers Sydney Panzarino and Michael McDonough to deploy a commercial grade mini ROV from new DISCOVERY Yacht: A Greenline 48' Coupe Hybrid Yacht. Their eventual aim is to provide information on the fish communities that utilize a relatively unknown and unexplored deep water habitat. Due to its depth, SCUBA surveys are restricted, thus an ROV unit could be utilized to record video surveys of these areas. The goal is to compare fish assemblages associated with various benthic habitats in the mesophotic zone. Recent bathymetric mapping and submersible dives have discovered an area of deep reef covered by spoil produced by the dredging of the Port Everglades Inlet. Areas to the North and South of this buried area remain unaffected and in a natural condition.

This was the seventh outing of the project and these surveys will continue on a monthly basis. What was unique about this outing was the fact that we were on a hybrid yacht and we were able to be on all electric propulsion all day. Not only do we hope that we can host more research expeditions on hybrid yachts like these in the future, but we also hope that this kind of propulsion becomes as common on the water as it is on roads.

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