SeaKeepers x Roar Media Cleanup

Miami, Florida
February 9, 2024


On Friday, February 9th, The International SeaKeepers Society hosted 19 employees from Roar Media for a Biscayne Bay island cleanup aboard DISCOVERY Yacht River Queen. Roar Media is a marketing, advertising and public relations agency that is based in Miami. We boarded D/Y River Queen and cruised around Biscayne Bay before landing at Sandspur Island, the largest man-made island in the bay. This island is frequented by people on boats, kayaks and paddle boards, with many choosing to stay to eat and drink onboard or on the island. This creates a lot of around the island’s trash cans that are supposed to be emptied on a weekly basis, but are often overflowing with debris. This debris can be carried into the ocean easily, especially at high tide, and is often removed from the trash cans and spread around the island by the local raccoon population. Volunteers from Roar Media were able to remove 70.55 pounds of this trash, including bottle caps, cigarette butts, plastic bags, glass bottles, plastic bottles and tons of fragments of plastic and paper. By removing this debris before it can reach the water, volunteers are protecting local wildlife that are at risk of death via entanglement or ingestion, and preventing further microplastic contamination of the bay. As we headed back to Bill Bird Marina, we discussed Biscayne Bay’s ecological importance, the dangers of trash pollution, and the efforts we can engage in to reduce our footprint. Thank you to all the volunteers from Roar Media for such a successful outing, and to D/Y River Queen for hosting us!

Outing Goal

To engage Roar Media employees in removing trash from a picnic island in Biscayne Bay and educate about the marine debris crisis.

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