Singapore Marine Cleanup and Coral Rescue

Marine Cleanup and Coral Rescue
June 2017

On June 4th, 2017, SeaKeepers Asia joined a number of local groups to participate in Our Singapore Reefs: Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue in conjunction with World Oceans Day 2017. Twenty volunteer divers aboard the dive boat, Dolphin Explorer, clean reefs in Sisters’ Islands Marine Park of Singapore.

This is the first time such an event has been conducted in the marine park and the objective was to collect and document the marine debris as well as to rescue corals within the park. Covering an area of 1200 sq. m, the participating volunteer divers successfully removed 424 debris weighing over 72 kgs, which included a car battery, a small anchor and trolley. All the debris was collected and transported back on another vessel the D/Y Lady Olivia to Raffles Marina for proper disposal. The data collected is now available online on Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris® citizen-science program and contributes to the global effort to combat marine debris.

For the second dive, under guidance from researchers of the Tropical Marine Science Institute, the volunteer divers collected 43 corals that were found dislodged from the reefs or colonies that were dying. These rescued corals were then relocated to the National Parks Board coral tray located within the Marine Park to safeguard the corals.

Our Singapore Reefs: Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue mission was organized by members from the Tropical Marine Science Institute of National University of Singapore; International SeaKeepers Society, Asia and The Submersibles. The event is also supported by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA); National Parks Board (NParks); Raffles Marina; Hook Coffee and World Oceans Day.

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