SeaKeepers is proud of the work being done with our Program Partners and DISCOVERY Yacht Members. Selected videos from events and missions over the past two years highlight the latest accomplishments. For a complete library of SeaKeeper videos click here.

20th Anniversary Founders Dinner Celebration

2017-2018 DISCOVERY Yacht Programming

Scientist Led Expeditions - Asia Awards

Educational Outreach - Asia Awards

Instrument Deployments - Asia Awards

SeaKeepers Asia Awards Event 2018

Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue

DISCOVERY Yacht Katharine Drifter Deployment

Founders 2017 Programming Highlights

NBC 6 South Florida at Founders 2017

SeaKeepers & Rolls-Royce Educational Outreach

Bermuda 2017 Programming Highlights

Asia Awards 2017 Programming Highlights

Bal de la Mer Programming Highlights 2016

Founders 2016 Programming Highlights

2016 SeaKeepers Featured on PBS Changing Seas

2016 Fabien Cousteau Mission 31

2015 SeaKeepers Programming Highlights

2015 Educational Outreach with Youth Making Ripples

2015 Barcelona Yacht Rendezvous

2014 Founders Dinner Program Highlights

2014 Newport Outreach Program Aboard Defiance

2014 SeaKeepers Missions

2014 Tiger Shark Tagging

2014 Drifter Art

2014 Genome Sequencing

2012 Support ocean research

2010 Bal de la Mer